University Club

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    Robotics and AI – new chances for agriculture

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    Gastdozentenhaus, Großer Saal

  • Datum:

    Dienstag, 7. November 2023

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    18:30 Uhr

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    Flyer sowie die Vorträge hier und hier.

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Robotics and AI – new chances for agriculture

Agriculture faces many challenges. We have had a shortage of seasonal labor for years. The work in agriculture is hard and essential. And to guarantee a high quality and protect our environment, we must renounce harmful pesticides.

So why not build robots to solve these problems? Using robots for weeding and harvest to replace missing workers and avoid the use of harmful pesticides are just part of the opportunities AI presents für agriculture. Is this becoming the new future and what other chances does AI open up?

And that’s exactly what we want to share and talk about with you at our University Club!

At our University Club you will have the opportunity to talk to experts and deepen your knowledge. For this purpose, the company John Deere, the Department of Computer Science of the University Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU) and the Kamaro Engineering e.V. will give impulse lectures on the topic "Robotics and AI – new chances for agriculture".

Afterwards, you get the chance to discuss with all participants and ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere with free drinks and snacks.

We are looking forward to you!